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Embracing My Inner Peacock

The Life and Times of Brycen

24 March
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I am an intense person. I feel very strongly about stuff. I do not like people to with hold the truth or lie to me. I do not post just happy cheerful stuff. I am a lot more happy and cheerful now that I am out of the control of my evil ex.

I am currently owned by 4 lizards and looking for the right doggie to rule my house hold. I miss my Arthur pendragon. While the situation in which he left my household was painful and not right, the household is calmer without him.

I love costuming. I have a wide array of outfits to suit my mood. However I believe you do not have a complete costuming wardrobe unless you have an outfit for every day of the month. Hence the title of my LJ. I love the way it feels when I put on my costumes. I love the way the fabric swishes against my skin. My costume wardrobe is the one place where I wear colors that I do not keep in my every day wardrobe.

I spend a lot of time reading. Urban Fantasy is my favorite genre. I recently got to meet a bunch of my favorite authors at a convention. Laurell K Hamilton had a two hour wait but she was well worth it. I also met Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Kim Harrison, and a few others. I try to attend three or more conventions each year. I also attend Renaissance Faires and other similar events. Any chance to dress up and perhaps meet people like me is fun in my book.

Black Floral Corset

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